What is DBT PE?

The Dialectical Behavior Therapy Prolonged Exposure (DBT PE) protocol is designed to treat PTSD among suicidal, self-injuring, and multi-diagnostic adolescents and adults receiving Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT). The DBT PE protocol is based on Prolonged Exposure (PE) therapy, a highly effective treatment for PTSD that utilizes in vivo and imaginal exposure followed by processing as the core treatment strategies. The integrated DBT and DBT PE protocol treatment uses a stage-based approach to comprehensively address the full range of problems experienced by high-risk, severe, and complex clients with PTSD.    

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Latest News About DBT PE

Internships and Postdoctoral Fellowships in DBT PE
Training and supervision in DBT PE is now available at many predoctoral internships, postdoctoral fellowships, and other postgraduate training programs. Find a program.

Tune in to Podcasts on DBT PE
As part of Dr. Charlie Swenson's podcast series TO HELL AND BACK, Dr. Melanie Harned discussed how we can use principles and strategies from DBT PE to cope with our own past, current, and future traumatic experiences.  Listen now.


New Study on Consumer Perspectives on DBT PE
A new study found that DBT consumers in public mental health agencies report a need for PTSD treatment and a strong preference for DBT with DBT PE over either DBT or PE alone.  Read more.

Minnesota Approves Coverage for DBT PE
The Minnesota Department of Human Services has increased the number of approved therapy units for publicly subsidized DBT programs to allow for the integration of the DBT PE protocol into standard DBT. Read more.

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