Consultation for Clinicians

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Individual Consultation

One-on-One Consultation with the Treatment Developer

Dr. Melanie Harned  has limited spaces available for individual consultation with clinicians wanting feedback and support as they implement the DBT PE protocol in their clinical practice.  Consultation may focus on a specific case or multiple cases, and can include review of recorded therapy sessions with DBT PE adherence feedback.  Consultation will occur via phone or secure online video conferencing and the frequency and duration can vary depending on your needs.  

Interested? Contact Dr. Harned at

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Peer Consultation

A Global Community of Intensively Trained DBT PE Clinicians

This Google Group is available to clinicians who have attended a 4-day Intensive Training in the DBT Prolonged Exposure protocol. The goal is to create a community of clinicians who are implementing DBT with the DBT PE protocol where members can share resources, ask questions, and receive feedback and consultation from peers. Currently there are 450+ clinicians from around the world who participate in this email group.  

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